Quartz Stone Industry Trend Starts In Chinese Market

Date:2015-12-12 10:46:33    Times:2053    Source: HUAZHONG STONE Industry Co.,Ltd

   Artificial quartz stone is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin, pigment and other additives, hard quality, precise structure, it has nice performance such as wear-resistance, pressure proof, heat-resistance, anti-corrosion, penetration-resistance.
  It is reported that man made marble stone composed of natural marble and granite rubbles, uses adhesive including cement, plaster and unsaturated resin, manufactured after stir forming, grinding and polishing. Man made marble stone can be manual adjusted, various colors, good flexibility, unobvious connection, and strong entirety. Moreover, marble tile is so easy to clean, but one of its disadvantage is may do harm to people’s health. Normal man made marble stone at the present market is concrete man made marble, polyester artificial marble, composite marble, sintering marble stone.
    Artificial stone is widely used in kitchen cabinets, service countertops, and some decoration cases like setting wall. For its high density and toughness, if you do not maintain and clean it in our daily life well, then dirt is easy to enter into the stone, which is also one vital issue most customers should care.
   In addition, domestic star hotels have higher demand on building decoration day by day, for more than 800 new and large star hotels are going to be established in the next 5 years in China, that is to say, our domestic building market has wide development prospect.
    International mature quartz stone markets includes Australia, America, Canada, the united kingdom, France, Germany and other European countries, while among which Australia has taken up 35% of international consumption of quartz stone. In cabinets industry, quartz stone is going to a new replace for other building materials. On the other hand, the application range of quartz stone has changed a lot, more common to see in flooring decoration, that is a potential trend.
    Quartz stone in global market has developed for a long time, while at present, compared with th e international market, Chinese quartz stone industry has just begun! There is no doubt that artificial stone and quartz stone would be more and more popular and become the leading products in the field of home decoration and public buildings, are you get ready for it?
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