Beautiful Quartz Stone

Date:2016-06-24 16:10:19    Times:2131    Source: HUAZHONG STONE Industry Co.,Ltd

First, please allow me to popularize what Calacata is:
Calacata is a kind of white marble mined by Italy. It is highly favored by the designers and owners no matter its material, pattern, surface perfection or others. It is widely used on the decoration of the high-grade villas and leisure places. Moisture of the jade and the elegance can be enjoyed after it is being paved, make you feel just like standing in the holy palace.
HUAHE quartz surface would like to recommend two kinds of Calacata quartz stone to you. Its texture is very close to the natural Calacata. Meanwhile it enjoys the integrity and unity. Since the effects of the saw blade and stress, there will be certain indistinct textures on the natural Calacata stone during cutting. Under careful observation, you will find that these indistinct textures will bring deficiencies to the beauty of Calacata. But these two kinds of Calacata we recommended adopt natural quartz sand, and are being pressed by pressing machine. It is an integral whole which is not only close to the effects of the natural stone, but also make people feel harmonious and whole. What’s more, perfect polishing technology can allow a more transparent visual effect and better sense of layer.
A richer color pallete with new technically achievable, marble-looking shades for fashion, home and interiors featuring the most sought after hues for today and tomorrow.