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You can reach us by phone, email, or go to the nearest HUAHE quartz center.
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Your quartz surface is engineered to be highly nonporous, and as such it is non-absorbent, and does not host bacteria, mold, or mildew, remains safe and fresh for ultimate cleanliness. We offer a vast range of different designs, and expand our portfolio every year with new colors that match the latest trends and styles. 
We integrate cutting-edge technology with highend quality, to deliver the latest designs and ensuring you’ll find your perfect surface.
Our slab dimensions come in Standard 126"x63" (320 x 160 cm, 56.6” x 120” (305 cm x 144 cm),  with thickness options of  2 cm and 3 cm, with the widest range of possibilities for edge profiles, shapes, patterns, and finishes. Please feel free to contact us for product catalog and details.
Established in 1987, HUAZHONG STONE CO.,LTD set up factory in Yunfu,China.Through more than two decades of development,it has developed into a group with nearly 1,000 staff,and the factory covering 150,000 square meters of plant area,owning several manufacturing and processing.Based on middle and high-end stone engineering market,it is capable of independent mine operation and products research and development.It's a famous stone enterprise whose products are sold worldwide.The HUAHE QUARTZ stone fabrication based operated by HUAZHONG was put into us formally in 2014.With the latest fully-automatic quartz stone production line and 300 highly trained employees managing the end to end delivery of our products.
Please note that Honed, Concrete and Rough finishes require more cleaning than our Polished finishes. Since there is more exposed surface area with these finishes, metal marks, fingerprints and other signs of daily living will show.
Most of these marks can be removed with little effort and non-abrasive cleaning products such as Soft Scrub Liquid Gel.

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